My images want to invite you into a limitless world of motion

Cylla’s photographs have been exhibited for 3 decades. Besides having been shown in many public venues, she has been represented by the Jane Corkin Gallery, Elaine Fleck Gallery and lastly by the Al Green Gallery.

Her body of works contain her well known ‘classics’ of silver archival master prints, her collages and her images of her main subject, dance in nature and architecture.

You can purchase her work by contacting Cylla directly.

2014          What Dances in Between, JCC Gallery Toronto
2013          What Dances in Between, Al Green Gallery Toronto
2012          Tanz, German Consulate Toronto
2009          Dancing Wall, Silent Soul, Elaine Fleck Gallery, Toronto
2008          inVention, Elaine Fleck Gallery, Toronto
2005          9 (nine), Harthouse, University of Toronto
2004          Reach beyond your grasp, Pikto Gallery, Toronto
2003          Reach beyond your grasp, Galleria LaMama, New York
2001          Mother India,  Harbourfront, Toronto
2000          Dance Installations, Dance Umbrella Toronto
1999          Sacred Spaces, Solo Show, Franke•von Oppen, Berlin
1999          Solo Show, The Other Festival, Chennai, India
1998          Solo Show, Jane Corkin Gallery, Toronto
1996          Stones and Bodies, Alliance Francaise, Toronto
1996          Retrospective Bill Douglas Danse, Angora de la Danse, Montreal
1994          My Beautiful Europe, Upper Canada Brewery  Gallery Toronto
1992          Canadian Embassy, Mexico City
1992          Solo Show, Lille, France
1991          Solo Show, Jane Corkin Gallery, Toronto,
1991          Solo Show, Manitoba Centennial Concert Hall, Winnipeg
1991          Montreal Danse, Biblioteque National Tangente, Montreal
1991          Dance in Nature, 21 McGill Gallery, Toronto
1990          Canvas-Camera, Roschar Gallery, Toronto
1990          Paris, New York, Canada, Harbourfront TPW,Toronto
1990          New Dance, National Art Center, Ottawa
1990          Sensuous Explorers, Harbourfront  TPW, Toronto
1988          Dance Photography, Harbourfront, Toronto
1987          Solo Show, 21 McGill Gallery, Toronto
1985           Dance Ontario, Centre Pompidou, Paris