When 2 or more people, dancer and photographer, collaborate with complete attention and awareness, the creative power is often ecstatic.

Nov 2008 Gita Govindam Menaka Thekkar Dance C.
Trail, BC and Markham Theatre, Markham
Feb 2008 Transmission of the Invisible Tribal Crackling Wind, Peter Chin
Enwave Theatre Toronto
Feb 2007 John & Beatrice Tarragon Theatre
Carole Frechette, Leah Cheniac
Oct 2006 Past Perfect Tarragon Theatre
Michael Tremblay, Leah Cherniac
Apr 2006 Purnima Premier Dance Theatre
InDance, Hari Krishnan
Feb 2005 Berdandan Premier Dance Theatre
Peter Chin, director
Apr 2004 Difference/ Desire Harbourfront Theatre
Hari Krishnan, inDance
Sep 2002 The Miracle Worker Loraine Kimsa Theatre
Leah Cherniak, director
Jun 2002 Transylvanian Dances Bravofact film, director
Seiler String Chamber Orchestra
Mar 2002 Merlin Lorraine Kimsa Theatre
Pierre Tetrault. Director
Apr 2001 Revealed By Fire Premier Dance Theatre
followed by a world tour
Lata Pada, choreographer
Mar 2001 Ghost Train Young Peoples Theatre
Pierre Tetrault, director
Aug 2000 f’Light Japan/Toronto
Hideo Arrai and Peter Chin
Jun 2000 Inter-actions Bomanville Highschool,Ontario
Aug 1996 A Song From Exile Music Gallery, Toronto
Rena Singha, choreographer
July 1995 Inferno Site specific, Toronto
Bill James , choreographer
May 1994 The Golden Zone L’Agora de la Danse, Montreal
Bill Douglas, choreographer
May 1992 Glass Orchestra Music Gallery, Toronto
1991-92 The Golden Zone Mousounturm,Frankfurt/Germany
Premier Dance Theatre, Toronto
L’Angora De La Danse, Montreal
Jan 1992 Claustrophobia O’Keefe Center, Toronto
Bill James, choreographer
Sep 1988 Invocation Poor Alex Theatre, Toronto
Sonja Delwaide, choreographer